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Backstreet Bops
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kevvy_kev [userpic]

::Kevin and Libby have taken a shower, slathered each other with Aloe lotion, and peppermint cream, dressed in their comfiest clothes, and ended up in the swinging lounge chair on the porch. After a tiny bit of dozing, Kevin awakens enough to be curious about Libby's comments during their lovemaking of earlier in the day::

Lib? ::He whispers, in case she's really asleep::

You awake, darlin'?

Howie [userpic]

::the sun is creeping higher but the heat emanating from it isn't too horrible yet in the late morning. All five of them are on the island golf course, a not so serious game in progress and as expected Howie's losing bad... even to Libby and he thought for sure she sucked worse than he did. Of course, having Kevin's long arounds wrapped around her and guiding majority of her shots is one great way to cheat. Not to mention when he noticed AJ nonchalantly nudging one of her balls closer to the hole when he probably thought no one was looking. He chuckles as AJ sinks yet another hole in one and Libby cheers wildly for him even though Kevin mockingly glares at her for her enthusiasm for his toughest competition. She just grabs his tshirt, tugging him down close and kisses away his faux frown. Howie winks at AJ as he lines up his next shot, trying like crazy to remember all the patient tips AJ has given him so far this morning::

Maybe if I had someone cheating on my behalf I wouldn't be feeling so foolish now. Remind me again how you talked me into this.

Brian [userpic]

::taking a risk she's free, Brian has arranged for the neighbor to keep an eye on Baylee and is now arguing with the propane tank of his grill and dialing Maddie's number, yelping for joy when the grill lights and Maddie answers at the exact same time::

Wooohooo!!! I'm the man!!!

libby_rp [userpic]

::fresh from a much-needed shower after a very frisky romp in the waves and tumble in the sand with Kevin, Libby dons a fresh bikini and digs out one of Kevin's newly acquired Beatles t-shirts to pull on over it. She brushes out her damp tangles, applies fresh lip gloss to her lips and moisturizer to her legs. Bootsie bounds up onto the bed and mews at her.::
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

::With a grin, she flops down onto the bed on her tummy and strokes the kitty as it comes to nuzzle against her face::

Do you want to go see your daddy? You've been such a good girl all day. Uncle AJ put those mean doggies in a pen outside, so you can come explore the house. ::she scoops Bootsie up into her arms and wiggles off the bed:: My precious little pussy. Let's go find and lick Sugarbuns, eh?

::she carries her kitty out from her room and follows the sound of a basketball game blaring from a tv. With a giggle, she enters the living room::

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

::Kevin's long, lean body is slouched in a rattan chair and she pauses for a moment, to let her suddenly erratic heartbeat do it's little dance over his stunningly sexy good looks::

Sweet Sugarbuns... your little girl is missing her daddy.

i_m_lulu [userpic]

::Lulu throws her keys onto the small table beside the door, walks out of her shoes as she goes into her kitchen, pours a glass of wine, and goes out onto her expansive balcony to sit with her feet up.

Taking a sip of the cool, golden liquid, she reaches over to put her purse on the chair next to her, but it slips out of her hand and dumps all the contents as it falls to the ground.

Lu sighs, takes another sip of wine before putting the wine glass on the table beside her chair, and bends over to retrieve her belongings. She smiles when she notices the half dozen cards she'd forgotten about, personal cards from the men at the club in Vegas. She looked at each card, trying to put faces to names, but only one man stood out in her mind, a tall, dark and very handsome man with the improbable name of Trace Hutchinson.

Picking up her cell phone she eyes the card again...what a hunk he was, and when he held her close to dance, dayum...what a body. A yawn interrupts her lascivious memories, Annie has kept her hopping these past few days, and she had planned on relaxing tonight, pampering herself with the whole bubblebath, manicure, hair treatment thing while Annie was having a sleepover with her girlfriend.

Still, no harm in calling him, maybe they could hook up later when Nick and Darcy are back, and the whirlwind that was her niece was back at home running them ragged.

She opens her phone, checks the number on the card, and clicks it into her phone, sipping more wine while she waits for the ring.


bone_daddy_aj [userpic]

::Afer bidding Libby farewell, he heads into the house..opening the fridge and poking around inside he locates a Corona for Howie and a Nestea for himself. OK so Howie never drinks around him..he might love a cold beer on a hot day like today...::he tugs open a drawer and pulls out a lime, carefully slicing it and placing most of the slices into a baggy, which he drops back into the veggie drawer. He moves to the other side of the kitchen rummaging till he find a bottle opener and pops open the beer, sticking a thick slice of lime onto the top and admiring his creation with a smile...

Something about the island makes him shift gears, makes him almost switch roles in his relationship.. becoming far more doting and Howard-like then he thought he'd ever be. Or maybe he just wants to rid himself of guilt. With a snort at hmself, he picks up the bottles and tucks a bag of Doritoes under his arm, calls for Harmony who leaps around his feet as he walks briskly down the winding path and toward the studio, daring not even peek at the beach, where he knows Libby is...

He reaches the studio cottage and pauses in the doorway, peering in to admire Howie, who has some music playing rather softly and a bass guitar resting across his lap...He stands there, peering through the screen till Howie looks up, surprise, then soft love filling those chocolatey eyes::

libby_rp [userpic]

*giggling and blusing*
Hi Cap'n Sexyass!
You totally won't believe this dream I had last night! I'm such a hussy. A sex perv. A nymphomaniac! Nympho sounds cute, but nymphomaniac just sounds sooo wrong, don't it? And where did/does this come from? I was raised a sweet little girl!

Anyways... so I was dreaming...

First... I'm kneeling at the end of this bed and licking a very wet pussy. No clue whose it was. But, damn, it was juicy. And... really yummy. All bare and glistening and my tongue was swiping away quite avidly.

Then! My gaze shifts to the left of the bed and Kevin is sitting in an easy chair... WATCHING! And he was saying, 'That's my girl, lick Howie's pussy good. He likes that." GASP! And Ewwwwwwwww! (And yes, I KNOW Howie doesn't have a pussy. I've seen what Howie's got!) Freaking me out...haha.

Cut to the next scene and I'm still kneeling on the bed on all fours, but now Howie's sitting in Kevin's lap... leaning back against him with the most pleasurable smile on his face as Kevin strokes his cock. Which is very hard and very big. (And yes, I KNOW Howie doesn't have a VERY big cock. I've seen what Howie's got!) And Kevin's staring at the end of the bed and saying, "It's okay, go ahead."

And from behind me the bed dips and bony knees nudge my calves further apart. They're yours. I don't even look, I just know. And your hands gently rest on my hips and you lean over me and I can feel your breath along my spine. And I shivered and mewed and dropped my forehead to the mattress. Your lips, so soft and moist, dance up and down my spine and I can sense that you're watching Kevin and Howie. Your lips part and you rake your tongue down my quivering flesh...

I look back over to Kevin and he's nodding and smiling at you as if to encourage you, to let you know it's okay, and then he eases Howie off his lap to stand beside his chair and he wraps his palm around the base of his cock and opens his mouth. Howie stands there dociley and grips the back of the chair with one hand, his other just hanging by his side, and he turns to look toward the bed. His eyes pleading with yours to understand. I gasp and Kevin turns his eyes towards me, and they're dark with desire and want and lust and love. He says, "It's okay, baby, I know you love me." And then he grips his own cock, which is just burgeoning, and wraps his mouth around the head of Howie's dick. Howie moans loudly and I hear your intake of breath behind me, and I can feel your beautiful hard cock sliding up and down along the bottom of my pussy and ass crack.

I nod to Kevin and shudder beneath your touch again. Your mouth moves down and you press little kisses and nips all over my ass. Your fingers are gently kneading the crease between my thighs and ass and I moan some more. Then your thumbs tease my pussy and you sink both of them into me. I cry out your name wantonly and grab a pillow to bury my pleading whimpers into. You nudge my ass up higher and your tongue nuzzles it's way all the way down and back up again... you know where... and just as I'm silently begging you to just fuck me, you lean over me again, kiss my shoulder and the back of my neck and you whisper 'I love you' to me. I whisper it back and you slide into me and I start crying... happy tears.

And I hear Kevin say... to you, "It's okay, baby, I know you love her. I love you all."

And it all seems to last for hours... you fucking me, Kevin sucking Howie... and it's all so peaceful and harmonious and just perfect...

And, OF COURSE, I wake up before anyone comes. And, yes, I woke up incredibly horny...lol. And, no, I didn't wake Kevin up. Took care of myself in the shower. And, no, I don't know why I'm sharing this with you other than if you catch me gazing at you over the next couple of days on the island, you'll know why.

See you in a couple of hours at Island Aviation! And don't forget Rene!


::Aunt Lu and Annie have calculated the best time to call, and it's finally time, Annie's jumping in her shoes with excitement::

Lemme dial, lemme dial! ::Lu gives careful instructions and with her tongue stuck out in pure concentration, she gets it right, grinning from ear to ear as it rings::

It's ringing! It's ringing allllllllll the way around the world!!

::And then - it's her daddy and she grins even wider, almost forgetting to talk after he says hello::

Daddy!? It's Annie!!!

bone_daddy_aj [userpic]

Rene! Come in, man... Howies in the office. He works too fucking hard..

::heads for the kitchen, settling into a chair and kicking another one out:: How's it going? I think Libby's gonna come down in a bit..

Hey Alex.. :: lights up a cigarette, handing one to AJ and then lighting a second for himself as he follows AJ to the kicthen:: Howie works hard so you can sit around on your ass more...

Howie?! Come on out and chill with us..! You wanna golf??!

My name is Bootsie AJ Richardson. I've recently been adopted, courtesy of my favorite uncle, AJ McLean. My new mommy is Liberty Noel Richardson and she is soooo pretty and sweet. My new daddy is Kevin Richardson and he's really tall and sweet to Mommy. Mommy calls him Sugarbuns. Now I know sugar tastes sweet, but he tastes more salty to me when I lick him. Mommy likes to lick him too. They actually lick each other a lot. A REAL LOT! Which is good, because since I like to lick things alot too it means we were meant to be a family.

I love my new house! I love my new family.

I'm the luckiest pussycat in the world!

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