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Backstreet Bops

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All Members
A role playing community for the "other side" of bsb_rp.

You are more than welcome to 'watch' the community by clicking this button up above. This adds the community to your friends list and you can read all the insanity as it's posted!

Requests for membership in the community will be denied unless you have first followed the instructions below. Full membership is available only to those who are portraying approved characters.

Characters currently in use:

Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Lulu (fictional character), Darcy Carter(fictional character), Annie Carter(fictional character), Angie DeMatteo(fictional character), Johnny Wright, Jane Carter, Bob Carter, Aaron Carter, Denise McLean, JC Chasez, Rob Anderson (fictional character), Libby Richardson, (fictional character), Trace Hutchison (fictional character), Maddie Sciriano (fictional character) and Pollyanna Dorough.

How to join:

1.) Request a character by writing to me at darcy_pat @ livejournal dot com. Once approved, set up a LJ in that character's name.

2.) email me again with the journal name, then click up above where it reads "join this community". LJ will notify me, then as soon as time permits I'll verify your membership and grant you posting access.

3.) Don't forget to also add the community as a friend.

4.) A link to our disclaimer MUST be placed on your info page. Also, it would be great if you used it as your website link.

5.) Have fun!

NOTE: Characters will be processed on a first-requested basis.

NOTE 2: Regular participation is required for continuing membership. Failure to notify moderators of an extended absence from the community will result in loss of membership and reassignment of your character/s. This is a VERY active RP group, and by consenting to membership you affirm that you have read and understand the above-mentioned requirements.

WARNING: This community is geared towards adults and as such contains adult language and themes, including slash relationships. If you are underage or are uncomfortable with such subjects, please do not request membership.